Rules & Policies

General Pavilion Policies

Understanding the Policies: It is our intention for Pavilion guests to have an enjoyable experience while attending an event. It is also extremely important for our guests to understand that our policies exist for their safety and for the safety of other guests. This page explains items that are not permitted into the facility, as well as those that are permitted on a show-by-show basis.

Guest Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to  the most commonly asked questions by guests of The Pavilion. Click here to download.

Permitted Items

Non-Permitted Items

In the interest of public safety, guests are always subject to a search upon entering the facility. Guests who refuse to be searched may be denied entrance and refunded their ticket purchase price (excluding service charge fees). The Pavilion's search policy is generally dictated by the type of event and the probability of guests carrying prohibited items into The Pavilion. Once again, all guests are subject to a search.

The Pavilion will no longer accept purses, backpacks or bags of any kind at our Information Booths. Bags, unless restricted by the event, will still be allowed into the facility, with a security check at the gate. This is in an effort to better secure the venue and ensure safety of our guests.

For example, at events like Buzzfest, where there is a size restriction on purses, bags and backpacks, guests will not be allowed to leave such items that are larger than the size permitted at any of the Information booths. Guests should leave these items at home or secured in their vehicles.

The Pavilion management and staff will NOT tolerate the following actions from any guest:

Throwing any objects for obvious safety reasons.

Reselling tickets at any time on the grounds. The Pavilion is on private property and reserves the right not to allow the resale of concert tickets at any time on our property. We also prohibit the resale of tickets because some of those tickets are counterfeit tickets and you will be refused entry if a counterfeit ticket is detected. You assume all risk when purchasing tickets through non-authorized ticket centers.

No re-entry is permitted. This policy has been instituted to prevent the consumption of alcoholic beverages, and illegal substances, as well as tailgating in the parking lots. Some exceptions will be made, but you must have approval from the appropriate gate supervisor.

Tailgating is not allowed in the parking lots surrounding The Pavilion. The lots are privately owned and the owners have made the decision to not allow tailgating. Soliciting or vending of any kind is not permitted on the grounds. This means we do not allow the distribution of fliers, selling of goods, etc., on our grounds unless authorized by Pavilion management.

Smoking is not allowed in the reserved seating areas. This includes with e-cigarettes. Smoking, even with electronic cigarettes are a distraction to guests. You may, however, smoke on The Pavilion lawn or in the concession plazas.

Guests who show signs of illegal substance abuse or intoxication may be refused entry.

Standing or dancing in the aisles or on the stairways is not permitted. Fire regulations prohibit people from congregating in areas other than those designated for seating (Places of Assembly in the State of Texas, Article 25, Section 25.107).

Standing on the seats is not allowed because it causes sight problems for guests behind you. The chairs also are not designed for standing on.