Rules & Policies

The following items are allowed on a show-by-show basis:

There are certain items that some performers will allow guests to have during their shows. There are also items that pose safety threats to our guests depending on the type of show and the audience demographic the show attracts. You may call The Pavilion information line at 281-363-3300 on the day of the show to check which items are permitted for that particular show.

Blankets have been used by guests to throw other guests into the air causing serious injury. We have chosen not to permit blankets at certain shows that have a history of this behavior. You may, however, bring something the size of a regular bath towel to sit on.

Cameras that are small, non professional, are usually allowed at most concerts. No professional, detachable lens cameras are permitted into the venue. Camera policies are dictated by the artist and are subject to change.

Empty Plastic Water Bottles without lids are allowed. The Pavilion has water fountains that can be used to fill your bottle once you are inside the gates.

Food is now permitted into the venue at all events. At contemporary events, each guest is permitted to bring in a one gallon plastic bag of food for personal consumption. At performing arts events, guests also can bring in food, but are not limited to a one gallon plastic bag. No beverages can be brought into the venue at any time.

Umbrellas can cause sight problems for guests sitting behind you. Also, certain umbrellas have been used to cause injury to other guests. The decision on whether or not to allow umbrellas is based on the past history, attendance for the show, and the forecasted weather. You may bring a rain poncho or purchase a poncho at our merchandise tent.

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