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The following items are NOT permitted:

  • Animals
  • Aerosol Cans
  • Audio and Video Equipment
  • Cameras
  • Beverages
  • Non-Plastic Bottles or Bottles with Lids
  • Fireworks
  • Laptops
  • Laser Pointers
  • Lawn Chairs
  • Portable Televisions
  • Radios
  • "Selfie Sticks"
  • Strollers
  • Tablets (such as iPads and Kindles)
  • Weapons

Specific Rules for Buzzfest: No blankets, tarps, towels, umbrellas, or lawn chairs. Lawn chairs will not be sold at this event. No professional (detachable lens) cameras, video or audio recording devices. No food or beverages. No bottles of any kind. No chains, spikes, mace, binoculars or laser pointers. No weapons. No signs. No purses, backpacks, or bags larger than an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper. NO RE-ENTRY. 

Animals can be unpredictable and may cause harm to other guests or staff. For this reason, we ask that you do not bring animals (of any nature) to The Pavilion. The only exceptions are "working” animals, such as seeing-eye dogs.

Aerosol cans are not permitted for fire safety reasons. The contents of these cans are under pressure and contain flammable substances. You may bring these items in the pump spray form.

Audio and video equipment is not permitted due to copyright laws imposed by individual artists.

Cameras that are professional detachable lens are not permitted. Camera policies are dictated by the artist and subject to change.

Beverages are not permitted for several reasons. Due to TABC laws, we must prohibit guests from bringing alcoholic beverages into The Pavilion. Containers may be used as projectiles and could harm other guests. Any non-plastic bottles or bottles with lids will not be permitted. You may bring in items for medical purposes, but please contact the appropriate gate supervisor who can have the item brought to First Aid.

Fireworks are not permitted for safety reasons. Not only can they cause harm to the operator and other guests, they present a tremendous fire hazard.

Laptops are not permitted in the facility because they are a distraction to other guests and the artist.  

Laser pointers are extremely distracting to a performer and other guests. They also can make a performer feel uncomfortable because some firearms use lasers as sights.

Lawn chairs differ in size and shape. A guest might bring a chair that blocks the view of other guests or that is not safe for the grade of The Pavilion's hill. Because there are so many types of chairs, it is simply more convenient not to allow any chairs into the facility. We have specially-designed chairs that can be rented for $6 at contemporary events. These lawn chairs are offered for free at all performing arts events.

Portable televisions and radios are not permitted in the facility because they are a distraction to other guests and the artist.

Strollers and playpens present a safety hazard to the children in them. The strollers are not safe on The Pavilion stairs and hill. In the seating area, the strollers block aisles and violate state fire codes.

Tablets, such as iPads and Kindles, are not permitted in the facility because they are a distraction to other guests and the artist.

Weapons are not permitted for obvious safety reasons. This policy includes pocketknives and small chains. You may not consider these items threatening, but they can cause harm. While it is legal, with a permit, to carry a concealed handgun in Texas, we do not allow guns in our facility. We are allowed to enforce this since we are privately owned.

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