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The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, presented by Huntsman produces a full-color program for each performing arts event. The program titled "On Stage" has information about the concert including the program for that event, conductor and special guest bios, calendar of events, sponsor spotlight, volunteer spotlight, concert etiquette, guest information and more.

Click the links below to view past On Stage programs.

On Stage December
On Stage October
On Stage August 2014
On Stage July 2014
On Stage June 2014
On Stage May 2014 Opera
On Stage May 2014 HSO
On Stage May 2014 Ballet
On Stage December 2013
On Stage October 2013
On Stage September 2013
On Stage July 2013
On Stage June 2013 TMF
On Stage June 2013
On Stage May 2013 Opera
On Stage May 2013
On Stage April 2013
On Stage December 2012
On Stage October 2012
On Stage September 2012
On Stage July 2012
On Stage June 2012
On Stage May 2012
On Stage May Ballet 2012
On Stage April 2012
On Stage April 2011
On Stage May 2011
On Stage June 2011
On Stage July 2011
On Stage August 2011
On Stage September 2011
On Stage October 2011
On Stage April 2010
On Stage May 2010
On Stage June 2010
On Stage August 2010
On Stage September 2010
On Stage October 2010

For more information on upcoming performing arts events, click here to take you to the event pages. If you have any questions, please contact Whitney Hough, marketing and public relations manager of The Pavilion.


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The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion acknowledges the financial support of The Woodlands Township that is generated by the Event Admissions Tax for its performing arts and educational outreach.



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